Tuesday, November 11, 2008

33 months

Yes, X-man. 2 years, 9 months equals 33 months. I'll be that many in years next month!

You are hilarious. And very well-mannered.

You are always impressing someone when you answer questions with, "Yes, ma'am" and "Yes, sir." It is just so adorable! Politeness will get you far, Mr. Man!

You have your own vocabulary for some things.

For example, you like to dance to and play "musicks" and when you put on your jacket, you want us to "button and zippen" it.

You are getting much better at your pronouns and have even started using "I" and "me" recently! In fact, last weekend at our regular Saturday Sushi lunch, I got some tuna and had a side of ponzu sauce. You wanted to dip your little piece of tuna in the sauce. And before you had even had a taste, you said, "Mommy, I luv dis!" Ha! If you would be as daring with other vegetables as you are with sushi!

Speaking of vegetables, you are getting some better. You'll eat broccoli ("trees") like nobody's business. And you've even warmed up to the silly white trees (cauliflower). You especially like both dipped in Tabasco Chipolte sauce. You are going to like spicy foods just like your daddy (and Aunt Doc, and G-Joy and Paw-Paw).

You also like raw sugar snap peas. In my effort to lose my baby fat (that's got to be what it is because it wasn't there before Buttercup!), I've exchanged our chips that we'd have at lunch with sugar snap peas. You didn't want one at first, but when I gave Buttercup one just to have something in her mouth, you immediately wanted to eat one!

Maybe when I open the can of green beans tonight and let Buttercup have some (I'm pretty sure one can eat those without teeth) you'll want some, too! With the exception of the baby food in the jars and tubs, you want to eat whatever Buttercup is eating...mainly her saltine crackers and her puffs. I bet if I could find some zwieback (is that how you spell that?) toast, you'd want to eat that, too!

You have quite the memory. You're always talking about past episodes of Word World or pretending to do something you saw on Curious George. On Sunday you were pretending to roast marshmallows over a fire because Curious George did that on his camping trip. And today on our way to the pediatrician's office, you told me exactly which building the doctor was in. On Saturday morning, daddy had the news on and our president-elect came on the screen. You pointed to the TV and said, "Dat's Barack Obama!" You hadn't been coached to say that. I do think I told you who he was at one point last week after he won the election. But I don't think I told you more than once. However, his name has been all over the news for a day or two...

When you get upset or are in trouble, the first thing you want to do is "get snuggles." You'll crawl up in our lap and just lie on our shoulder. It's really sweet. But not so cute when you're throwing a giant hissy!

You like anything orange, you like stickers and you like jelly beans.

You have not figured out how to do all your business in the potty but you're getting better at peeing.

You are not interested in undressing or dressing yourself. Which is odd because you want to do everything else yourself!

You love your sister and you particularly like to "touch her" on her arm. For some reason, that's your favorite place to give her hugs and kisses.

And you do give sweet kisses.


MJS said...

Sounds like a super sweet little man!

Lisa said...

What a sweetie!

Jana said...

What a big boy you have! I can't wait for my little guy to do those things!