Tuesday, November 11, 2008

9 month well-baby check

Buttercup had her 9 month check-up today. And both of them got a flu shot.

Buttercup was a complete doll to the nurse and the doctor. She waved and just galavanted her cuteness all over that office. I mean, if there were a chart for cuteness, she'd be off the chart!!

Anyway, enough of my prejudice. She's 27.5 inches tall and weighs 17lbs 12oz. With this appointment, her weight dropped below the 50% and her height stayed right there on 50%. The doc's not worried about her weight because she is still gaining. I told him I wasn't going to worry unless he told me to.

Then he asked me about things she was doing. Using a pincer grasp? Yes. Clapping? No. Banging toys together? Yes! Pulling up? No. Sitting up by herself? No.*

So, overall he said that she was a little behind her friends in her gross motor skills, but there was nothing to be worried about.

Her ears were fine; she didn't even fuss while the doc was checking them out! She did have a little bit to say about the tongue depressor, but who wouldn't!

The nurse came in and I'd been telling X-man all morning that the Ms. E was going to give him some medicine (or a shot...I used the two words interchangeably) in his leg so he wouldn't get the flu. And Buttercup was going to get some medicine, too. But, after X-man was finished he could have a jelly bean. Thank goodness I've been hoarding those Sweettart Jelly Beans since Easter. He loves those and they're a good bribe...though they're not working at all for getting him to try to poop in the potty. Anyway, the nurse came in and I pulled X-man's pants down and set him up in the table. I told him to look at me and hold my hand...and mentioned jelly beans several times. I wasn't watching the shot either, so I was gently amused when all of the sudden, X-man gave me this face that seemed to say, "What the heckola was THAT?!?" But he didn't fuss and as soon as I pulled his pants up he said, "Now I want a jelly bean!" Good boy!

Buttercup did just as well with her flu shot and we'll be back in a month for the booster.

*As I was retelling this appointment to my dad, I realized that the reason the doc said she was behind in her gross motor skills was because I said she didn't sit up on her own. Well, of course she does! I was thinking that he meant does she get to the sitting position by herself...because she's been trying (unsuccessfully) to do that for the last few days. I couldn't stand to wait a month before telling the doc that I had answered his question wrong, so I called the doc's office and talked to the nurse. She said she'd take it down for the doc's FYI. I bet I'm not the first mom that's ever done that!

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MJS said...

Too funny that you called the doc. I've been tempted to do that quite a few times myself.