Friday, November 07, 2008

9 months

Miss Buttercup, you are so much fun and I can't believe that I have enough space in my heart to love you and X-man as much as I do!

At 9 months you can:

  • Army Crawl with the occasional moment that you'll pop up on your knees...then pop back down again.

  • Make a smacky noise with your mouth.

  • Give the sweetest, wettest licky-kisses!

  • And give the sweetest head-hugs!

  • Pretty accurately get those puffs in your mouth.

  • Wave! And it's really funny to watch you because you'll get a big grin on your face and then your fingers will start waving...and then you'll slowly bring your hand up and then your arm and then you'll wave and just look so proud of yourself!!

  • Try to get to the sitting position from being on the floor. You have not been successful at all, but I can tell that you're trying.

  • Say "ma ma ma," "da da da" and "blah blah blah." It's really cute when X-man tries to imitate what you say.

  • Light up a room with your no-toothed, full-face grin!

I love you, baby girl!

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