Friday, November 07, 2008


No, not either one of my kids. They are both angels.

It's me. I'm the demon-child. Just look into my eyes.

They are both blood-shot. And making eye goop.

The eye doc didn't say that I had pink eye, but I definitely have some kind of infection. I woke up with it yesterday just in the left eye and went to see the doc. He gave me some antibiotic eye drops. And I've been very careful not to touch my eyes and I've been extra vigilent about washing my hands.

I'm also wearing my glasses instead of contacts. Not that I really mind wearing the glasses, it's just that I've gotten used to being able to see without the glasses on my face!

Anyway, the infection spread and I called the doc today. Since the doc only gave me a sample of the eye drops, I asked if I could get another sample or if the doc wanted to see me again. The receptionist came back and said, "Just come in and get another sample. He said he knew he should have told you to use the drops in both eyes!"

So, I'll be changing my washcloth and pillowcase every day.

And only tonight did Buttercup start reaching for my glasses. I wouldn't have guessed it would have taken two days for her to do that!


Lisa said...

Oh no! I hope it clears soon!

Jana said...

Thanks for the ring holder suggestion! It looks like something I can ask "Santa" to put in my stocking this year.

So sorry to hear about your eye. Eye infections are absolutely no fun for anybody. :(