Thursday, November 20, 2008

The end of an era...

These are X-man's favorite boots (who cares that it's his only pair of boots). TC's parents gave them to him last Christmas so they've been around a while. And last year, they were too big. He'd put them on and almost walk right out of them. Over time, they fit better and he wanted to wear them everywhere. And yes, we made a rule that there are no shoes in bed. He can take them off by himself and put them on by himself. As he got bigger and the new socks we got him were a bit thicker than he previous socks, the boots became a little tighter and he wasn't interested in putting them on himself. He could still kick those suckers off when he was ready!

I kept wondering when he was going to grow out of these and yesterday it happened. We were at the mall trying to pick up my birthday/Christmas gift from TC (it was a false alarm, it wasn't ready yet) and X-man looked up at me and said, "Mommy, my toes hurt." Yep, the boots were too small. I told him that when we got home we could take those off and put on his new tennis shoes (that I bought last month and he hadn't worn yet because he loves his boots! "Long pants with boots today, please.") I got him up in the car (over on Buttercup's side) and then got Buttercup situated. I walked around to his side of the car to buckle him in and when I opened the door, I saw him on the floor of the car with his boots off. He decided he was ready for them to be off!

And he happily put on his tennis shoes when we got home. I don't think these shoes ("Boots! They're boots, mommy!") will go in the Goodwill pile. I'll have to keep these. One day, his boots will be even too big for my feet!


And since we're talking about the end of a clothing era, I had to throw away a nightgown yesterday. One of those oversized, extra-long t-shirts. The Christmas-bedecked reindeer was starting to get holes around his antlers (know which one I'm talking about Dr. Sis?). I had to throw it away. Wanna know how old it was? I'd had it since at least high school. I graduated in 1994. Good gravy!


Jana said...

Cute boots!

And don't feel bad about your nightgown - I'm currently wearing a shirt that I wore in high school (I graduated in '94, too).

SarahB said...

Those boots are definitely keepers!

I still have several shirts from high school I still wear too. :)

Dr. Sis said...

Sadness!! Then again, I think I threw mine away a looooong time ago.