Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Share and share alike

Remember my pink eye episode a few weeks ago? I managed to keep that from both kids...which I'm quite proud of.

And then Buttercup had to go and get some viral eye infection all on her own!

On Sunday morning, she woke up and looked like she'd been hit in the eyes. Both eyelids were terribly puffy and she just looked pitiful. And because of the puffy eyelids, she could barely open them which helped her to look even more pitiful. And on top of that, the apples of her cheeks turned dry and chapped so she looked like a sad, pitiful clown.

We took her to church because I figured it was just allergies. And she wasn't really acting like she didn't feel well.

After the first service (oh, and the woodwind ensemble...meaning I was busy so I couldn't leave) one of the nursery workers found me (not too hard...only two of us in the sanctuary with a flute!) and said that Buttercup had a 101 degree temp. *I'm not sure I buy that because she didn't feel hot at all when TC got her.

Anyway, after talking to the clarinet player in our group, we determined that she might be having an allergic reaction to the avocado (or the eggs) that I gave her the day before at our weekly sushi lunch. Great. I wasn't excited about having to deal with food allergies.

We ended up giving Buttercup some benadryl, which didn't seem to do anything, and she went to bed later that evening.

Monday morning she woke up and her eyelids were even more red. I couldn't really see the whites of her eyes, but from what I could see, they didn't look red. We went to the pediatrician and after talking to him and his strep test done on Buttercup, he determined that it was most likely a viral infection in her eyes that was related to the viral infection in her throat. Nice. But, good that it wasn't a food allergy.

Monday night before bed I gave her benadryl and she slept just as restlessly that night as she did the two nights before. Yesterday she looked a little better but by bed time, her eyes were puffy again. And last night I wised up (you better wise up, Janet Weiss) and gave her benadryl AND some ibuprofen (for her throat) and she slept through the night without any crying out or coughing.

And when X-man woke up this morning? One of his eyes is all red (the eyeball, not the lid). So both of them stayed home from CDO today. He's also got a raspy-sounding voice so I bet he has a sore throat, too. I'm so glad these kids share their things!

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