Monday, December 08, 2008

I need to keep my brain warm!

X-man has a little red knit hat (my mom found it in the Target dollar spot) and he loves it! When he puts it on he tells us that, "it keeps my brain warm!" Makes me giggle every time.

And speaking of giggling, when daddy tickles him, X-man says, "Don't giggle me daddy!" or "I wanna giggle YOU, daddy!"

Buttercup turned 10 months old yesterday.

She can clap, take some steps while assisted, and she's even got a tooth trying to poke through!

She loves kisses...both giving and receiving. I love it when I'm holding her in front of me and she'll lean toward my face with the sweetest, wettest open-mouth kiss. And then she does it again. And again. And I think I end up with my chin even more slobbery than hers!

I turned 33 last week! Yea for my birthday! My sis got me a great present...Twilight and New Moon in paperback! And she even said that the next two are forthcoming...just as soon as they come out in paperback! I've been hearing great things about these books so I'm pretty excited.

I've got our Christmas cards to get out, cute little gifties for X-man and Buttercup's teachers at mother's day out, laundry to fold, and we have lots of TV to watch before our DVR gets full! TC was gone over the weekend (hunting...those of you on our friends list in facebook might have seen some of the pics) and he's going to be gone for the next few days with work. We will have alot of recordings pile up between now and then!

And I need to make some more spiced tea mix. I'm almost out and it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Hope it doesn't strand TC in Denver!

X-man was a great boy today! It was wonderful! He did start to throw a few fits and I just reminded him about the things he couldn't do if he was fussing. I guess he really understood it because he'd stop the fit right there! Awesome! Though I don't expect it to happen every time. I have to remind myself he's still very young.

So, there's my stream-of-consciousness post. That's about how my brain works these days.


Jana said...

Don't you just love those open mouth baby kisses? Sigh. I swear, life doesn't get any better than that.

You're going to love the "Twilight" series. I read all four books in about two weeks (which is record time for me these days with three little ones underneath).

And I hear you on the DVR - we're down to 22% free space. We've got some major TV watching to do!

Becky said...

my nephew has finally learned to pucker his lips when giving sugar so it doesn't feel x-rated to love on him anymore, thank god.

and i take semi-credit for your birthday gift, as your sister was converted by rachel, who was in turn converted by moi. you're welcome.

get through the first 70-ish pages in book one, and you'll be hooked.