Thursday, December 04, 2008

Something random this way comes...

So, this morning was another difficult one with X-man. I don't know if he's not getting enough sleep, I'm expect too much in the morning or what, but some days he's just so difficult. I've got a giant scratch on my finger (it's a 1/2 inch gash that I did with my own fingernail) from the morning I literally had to sit on him to get him dressed! Yeesh!

Anyway, this morning he barely ate any breakfast. He kept fussing and whining and I told him that there would be no Curious George after breakfast if he kept it up. Well, you know how little ones are...sometimes they just get to going and can't stop! He finally calmed down a bit while I was talking to my sis and started to eat a (dry) frosted mini wheat. Then something got him going again and he started crying/fussing...thus aspirating some mini wheats down his throat...down the wrong pipe! Good gravy. My sister got to hear me in near panic mode. X-man was coughing and trying to catch a good breath and he was looking at me...with what looked like panic...but I may have read into that due to my own feelings at the time. He finally got his breath and got all of that out of there, but yikes. That was my cardio workout for the morning!

And I figured out the reason that Buttercup was awake at 3am and cried for an hour. There's a little tooth trying to poke through on the bottom. I knew they were on their way! She's starting about 5 months earlier than her brother did with teeth! She knows that the only way she's going to get all the table food is to get teeth!

In other news, I'm in love with Muncy Winds, Target, Tetris for the Wii (you should try to play it with the balance board!) and Papertrey Ink. I am NOT in love with Woodwinds & Brasswinds, my microwave (which is 10 years old), bad instrumentalists and stupid people. Apparently I'm in that kind of mood today!

Alright, off to get a cup of hot tea. I love that, too!

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Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

I so thought we were over the tantrums of little ones once they could actually use words to tell us what's wrong. Boy, was I wrong! We struggle with the same thing on mornings V has to be up and to school by 8. She doesn't want to get up, doesn't want to get dressed, and NEVER wants any lights on - makes for some very interesting hairdo's! We feel your pain on the X-man front!