Monday, December 01, 2008


Buttercup has Fifth Disease (thankfully she's on the downhill side of it and wasn't contagious while we were at a housefull of kids at Thanksgiving!). Her rash is starting to clear up and she's looking better.

She started clapping yesterday...and took a few steps while holding on to our hands. She's not pulling up on anything but us so far.

She ate a ton of food at Thanksgiving...a little of everything off Paw-Paw's plate. And after the initial shock of the dressing (she sure did screw her little face up like it was something horrible in her mouth!) she loved that as well as the jellied cranberry sauce (as TC said, the way that nature the shape of a can!) the english peas and the chicken.

X-man got a new pair of boots (from my parents) and I bet he wears this pair out like he did the last pair!

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Lisa said...

Oh no! I'm glad that she's already on the mend.

Tucker enjoyed T-Giving too!