Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday...a few days late!

Buttercup turned 1 on Saturday! I can't believe it's been a whole year...I can still very clearly remember the day we brought her home from the hospital.

My parents and TC's parents and sister came for the weekend to celebrate both of the kids' birthdays (X-man's was yesterday) and we had a great time!

So, here's Buttercup at one year:

* You love to dance! You sit down and you'll twist your little torso and clap and just grin! I've even caught you boogying on your tummy...with your little bottom in the air and you just wiggle it! Oh, my...I nearly hurt myself laughing when I saw that!

* You still love to eat! Anything we put in front of you, you'll try at least once. You prefer those things you can put in your mouth yourself...and of course, anything off of someone else's plate!

* You are still only rockin' the two teeth. Just the two on the bottom. I keep looking for signs of new ones!

* Somewhere around your birthday, you got an ear infection. We found it at the ENT's on Tuesday after having X-man's ears checked.

* The ear infection explains why you were so difficult to get to sleep over the weekend and the long screaming jags you'd go on. Of course, I chalked it up to having relatives over and the fact that all your pacifiers (X-man calls it a paci-pie-er) disappeared. Yes, we disappeared them...but I wanted to do it before you really knew what was happening.

* You give the sweetest little kisses and just started giving hugs and snuggles. I'll be holding you and you'll grin at me and then put your head on my shoulder, nuzzle my cheek and then look at me and grin again. I just about melt when, after the snuggles, you open your little mouth and come at me for a kiss!

* You love to kiss X-man...and he loves to kiss you back! It is really sweet to watch. Just yesterday he said, "You are the sweetest baby I ever seen!" And he rubbed your cheek and kissed you. Awwww...

I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!

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SarahB said...

Happy birthday sweet Buttercup!