Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday...just one day late!

Happy Birthday, X-man! You turned 3 yesterday and I think you had a better understanding of it all. Not a complete understanding, though. You kept tell your sister that "today" was her birthday, too! Too funny!

We celebrated your birthday with family on Saturday. You specifically asked for an orange cake, so I made you orange cupcakes. And I made pink ones for Buttercup. You thought that was acceptable.

In the last month:

* You have started working on getting those two-year molars in. The two on the bottom are just starting to poke through which I think is leading to some of your extra fussiness and night waking.

* You are doing so well with potty training. We have had very few accidents in the two weeks that you've been in big boy underwear. We do put you in pull-ups for sleeping and going out, but I think that in the next few weeks, we won't have to do that except for night sleeping. You have managed to stay dry during naps and on our outings! I am so proud of you! I do have to laugh when you get the urge to go. You squat just a bit, get jazz hands (cracks me up!) and with a pained look say, "Oohh, gotta go potty!"

* You impress so many people by saying "Yes, Ma'am" and "Yes, Sir" and it makes me really proud when you do.

* You are always amazing me with the things you say. A few great ones:
"Mommy, my legs are bendy!"
Buttercup, "Come play with me!"
"I'm not a person, I'm a gentleman-boy!"
"I'm not gonna tee-tee on Lighting McQueen or Sally!" (Yes, you say Lighting instead of Lightening)
Buttercup, "Where's you paci-pyer?" You said this several times on Saturday while she was fussing...and all the "paci-pyers" were in the trash.
"I want snuggles!" And you specifically want hugs...just snuggles.

*Your favorite toy that you got on your birthday happens to be Buttercup's favorite, too. Gramma and Granddaddy got you a Handy Manny tool box (you have no idea who that character is). Anyway, the tools in the tool box all dance to a song when you push the button. Buttercup loves to push the button and dance along with the tools. And you do a great job of sharing your toys! Of course, Buttercup also shares her toys with don't discriminate when it comes to playing with toys! All are welcome!

You are going to have so much fun with your sister this year. Soon she'll be walking and following you all over the place.


Lisa said...

What a smart, handsome boy!

Amanda said...

happy birthday to both of your kiddos!!! i forgot their birthdays were so close together!

SarahB said...

Happy birthday little guy!

^starshine said...

These babies are growing way to fast! Make them stop it!!

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to both Buttercup and Xman. :)