Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Bible According to a 3 Year Old

I love to hear X-man's interpretations of the Bible stories he hears at church. My favorite is still this one about Adam and Eve, but today he had quite a doozy. I'll get to that one in a minute.

A few weeks ago, X-man told us that Jesus was mad and turned the table over. He didn't like the people in the temple. Now that one was pretty close to actual.

And last Sunday X-man told us that Peter didn't know Jesus and Jesus was sad...and "I like roosters." So, the story about Peter denying Jesus was a little garbled, but I think he still got the jist.

Today, being Palm Sunday, I was pretty sure I knew what story they learned about. Before the story time, though, the kids all got to sing in big church. And TC and I volunteered to help out with the Young Adult chorus (I'm glad they still consider us young adults) that sang with the kids. When X-man came into the sanctuary with the rest of the kids, he was doing a great job of following directions. He was waving his palm branch with all his might! He finally noticed that daddy and I were up there and he turned to daddy and said, "Hi, Daddy!" Then he just went right to singing! And he did a great job.

Anyway, back to the story. At lunch I asked X-man what story they heard at church. This is exactly what he said:

"The people had pecan branches (it was hard to discern if he said "palm" or "pecan"). Jesus rode on a donkey. They put down the pecan branches and Jesus walked on them."

Then he looked at us very concerned and said, "But why did those people take his car?"

I nearly fell out of my seat.


Little Diva said...

Don't you just love kids interpretation of stories!!

Thanks for your comment on my post on the Craft Fail blog but my "little creation" was supposed to be something I could sell on Etsy - pretty sure no-one would want to buy him. Although my kids still love him....

Amanda said...

so cute!!!