Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Buttercup has a few new words these days: duckie, bye-bye and banana (which comes out as na-na).

Her duckie is a little yellow duck that was X-man's. He never really took to it but Buttercup has! It's in her bed...along with a bunny-blanket (one of those with a bunny head and the body is the blanket), a little pink lovey, her Bunny blanket (it's a crocheted blanket that was made for her by TC's previous boss, named Bunny) and a blue rabbit that I crocheted for X-man that was meant to be his comfort item at mother's day out. He never took to that, either. And yes, I am painfully aware of the interestingly large number of bunny-related items. I don't like rabbits (due to one of them peeing on me when I was little...gross!) but I do know two people named Bunny and I like them both (one of them is a pledge sister).

Wow - that was off on a tangent.

Even though we've been through this with X-man, I am still amazed every time Buttercup learns something new. It's just a matter of time before she and X-man can work the computer better than I can...

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