Monday, June 29, 2009

Buttercup cracks me up!

Buttercup is getting an amazing personality. I'm fairly certain she's going to be the hardheaded one...

Her favorite toys ("toe-ee" as she calls them) right now are her two lovey blankets and her baby doll (the Madame Alexander doll I bought for her shortly after I found out I was's almost the same style doll I had when I was a little girl). She wants to carry these three things around along with her sippy cup and anything else she finds interesting. She tries to pick up everything with her little fingers and little hands. She just can't get it all most times and that really makes her mad.

And speaking of toys, when she sees something she wants to play with (which is often something she's NOT supposed to play the TV remote) she points to it and says, "toe-ee? toe-ee?"

Do not tell this girl no. She has got her pout down pat! When she's mad she turns into noodle girl and if I try to pick her up (in order to keep her from going where I don't want her to) she just relaxes when I try to lift her up by holding her under her arms, her arms relax and I don't have a good hold. I have to be ready for it so she doesn't slip out! And if I'm holding her when she gets mad and I put her down, upon being set on the floor, she will throw her head backwards. That could lead to all kinds of problems if I'm not careful where I put her down!

This one's going to be a handful!

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