Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One is an OK number

I had lunch today at Olive Garden.

By myself.

And read a book.

Would you believe that that is the first time I've eaten by myself in public since I can remember? Even in college when I went to the caf, there was always someone to sit down with!

Man, I can certainly work myself up into a panic attack if I really try! Thankfully it didn't get that far, though.

I do have occasional anxiety issues and this one started last night. I woke up at 1AM with the most horrendous stomach ache. And I could tell it was a worry-ache. I think I was all worked up about having to go out to lunch by myself today. The hotel restaurant doesn't serve lunch, so that was out of the question. I didn't want to eat 7-11 food (or whatever that convenience store is right next to the hotel) so that was out, too. All I had to do was get in the (rental) car, take a left out of the hotel lot and then a right on the next main street, drive a few blocks and there's the OG. I was (mostly) ok with driving myself. I put the GPS in my purse just in case I needed it, but I didn't plan to go off the beaten path at all because I HATE being lost! That'll work me into a dither quicker than just about anything!

This morning I felt much better and considered just getting something to go and eating it in my room. But if I did that, the room attendant wouldn't be able to get in here and clean up. So I just said to myself, "Suck it up and go! You'll be fine!!" And I was. I sat in a nice little booth and read my book (the first in the Sookie Stackhouse books...Death in the Dark or something like that). I ate, slowly and relaxed and only once felt a panic attack creeping on. I was able to talk myself out of it, so that's good. And it allowed me to enjoy my gelato. The waitress was so nice she got a 20%+ tip!

Tomorrow, TC has to work again (yes, he's working for two days while we're on vacation...the meeting up here is why we decided to make a vacation out of it!) and I'm going to meet an online friend for lunch! We first met in a group on a mommy board (that my friend ^starshine invited me to). I keep up with her on facebook now and on her blog. She's got the most adorable two little boys and an awesome photography business!

Here's to no panic attacks at lunch and none in the projections for tomorrow!

I'm off to nap. This hanging out by myself has worn me out.


Lisa said...


Can you believe that I've never eaten out by myself? Isn't that weird?

Let me know when you're ready to work on your ETSY banner!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

I love Olive Garden! I've eaten out by myself once, and it wasn't easy to talk myself into it!

Just stumbled on your blog! :)

Dwayne and Reagan said...

You are so much better than I am! Last summer Dwayne and I were in Illinois for 30 days while he was on a job. We were staying in a Super 8 because it had the "nicest" digs in town. I wouldn't eat all day (except for what I could get out of the snack machine in the lobby) because I didn't want to go eat at the only restaurant in town, Sirloin Stockade, by myself. Maybe the snack machine was the reason for the 20+ pounds I gained that trip.

Aunt Doc said...

Yay for you! I was going to post, "You should have called me! I would have talked you through it!" But then I noticed the date - not quite as easy to do from the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I'm very proud of you, Sis!