Tuesday, August 04, 2009

X-man and the things he says

I am constantly laughing at the things this boy says sometimes!

Just a few days ago, we picked up the kids from their week-long visit with Granddaddy. As we pulled up to the house, X-man noticed the, oh, 20 mushrooms in the front yard (TC and I had also been gone on a week-long vacation of our own!). So, he asked if he could go see them. Daddy said, "Yes, but don't touch them." X-man said, "Oh, I never touch mushrooms!" (with a great dramatic voice!) And would you imagine he proceeded to go right to them and touch them? (of course you would believe it!)

Buttercup and X-man were sitting on the couch and Buttercup dropped her toy. X-man picked it up and I said to Buttercup, "What do you say?" She looked straight at X-man and said, "tan too!" X-man said, "You're welcome! Mommy, I said 'You're welcome!'" He's quite proud of himself using his polite words...and he's working on "teaching" them to his little sister! Awwwww!

I was getting lunch ready and I was making peanut butter and honey sandwiches (or just peanut butter on bread is how X-man likes them). X-man told me he wanted "boy peanut butter." I knew exactly what he meant. We are a his and hers peanut butter household (thanks for that phrase, ^starshine!). I like creamy and TC likes crunchy. The fact that X-man logic-ed out that it meant the kind daddy likes is "boy kind" cracks me up. What cracks me up even more is that I'm always talking about how I prefer "girl" chocolate chip cookies over the "boy" kind.

I'll let you kick that around for a bit. Got it? Yep, I like my chocolate chip cookies without nuts. Ha ha ha!

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that kid is just too much
love him