Saturday, August 15, 2009

Buttercup and the things she says!

Buttercup's vocabulary list is really growing. She's saying so much more that Xander did at this age!

One of her new things is to say "funny" and when she says it, there's a great emphasis on the last syllable and she scrunches up her face. So, when someone laughes, she'll look at them and say "funny" and then she'll giggle! Cracks us up every time!

Something else she likes to say is "noie-nee" which means "noisy." She'll say that if everyone's being noisy but she also likes to say it and then pretend to holler with a relatively quiet "Ahhhhhhhh!" That, my friends, is hilarious!

She loves to carry around her "bee-bee doll" (the little Madame Alexander doll that looks just almost like my baby doll) and her two little pink blankets. She'll tote those around everywhere with her until something better comes her sippy cup of milk. Then, she drops her doll and blankets and makes a beeline for the milk! I never know where her little lovies are going to end up!

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