Sunday, August 23, 2009

My daughter, the buzzard

TC and I had a meeting at church tonight. Thankfully there was child-care available. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have gone...or just one of us would have gone.

Anyway, we dropped the kids off in the nursery and the child-care worker in the twos and threes told us to bring X-man and Buttercup over to her room. I was a little confused because the ones were in a different room. I'm pretty sure it was because she wanted Buttercup in her room! I put Buttercup down and let her walk in the room and she made a beeline for the hamburger Happy Meal on the little table. I warned Ms. L that they better corral Buttercup or she'd eat anything on the table! Ms. L laughed, but as we left the children's area, I heard her tell Buttercup that food didn't belong to her.

My daughter, the buzzard.

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Lisa said...

They better share that happy meal with that baby! teehee