Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Two days into September already! Happy birthday, daddy!! And sis' birthday is at the end of the month...better start figuring out her birthday gift...send me a list, sis, would ya?

September just means fall. I know it's still hot here and it will still be hot, but we get the occasional cool breeze that just hints at the cool weather coming! I love it! I have always loved fall. I much prefer the cooler weather and there were/are so many fun things that happen in the fall! In high school, fall meant football/marching season. Stepping out onto a football field with 400-500 of your closest friends and entertaining the crowd is such a rush! And then there were the marching contests. Oh, those were great fun... I remember one (as I'm sure everyone else remembers if they were there) when we went to Wichita Falls for a contest and marched our hearts out in the pouring rain! Good gravy it was wet! The flags were trying to hold on to their flag poles, the tubas were trying to keep from blowing over and the rest of us were just trying to keep our footing in the wind!

And then there was contest at Texas Stadium. That big 'ole star in the middle of the field sure is slick when you're wearing marching shoes!

In college, I was also in band. But this time, the band was much smaller. Only 40 or so (right?). We still had a great time during half-time. And for my junior and senior year, the flute/piccolo player marched with a tuba!! Loved that!

Fall also means Homecoming. Our university has a distinct Indian theme (even if we had to drop the mascot...oh, well). There's a big park on campus that turns into an Indian village. All of the social clubs have a tee-pee and in front of every tee-pee is as fire. Out in the center of the park is a giant bonfire. One always leaves homecoming smelling of smoke. TC and I haven't missed a homecoming yet and this year will be no different. Except this time we get to see TC's niece at homecoming...she's a freshman there!

Ah, fall. Cooler weather, fun time with friends and a wonderful prelude to winter.


Lisa said...

LOVE fall! Bring it!

Anonymous said...

The fall smells..they're the BEST! I'm a wee bit north of you (think Canada lol) but here fall smells like new shoes, dried maple leaves and apples.

No matter where you are from though, the end of summer has a distinct and comforting smell.