Friday, September 11, 2009

Two more...

Teeth! Yep, Miss Buttercup has a total of 6 teeth now. The front two on the top and bottom and then two molars (!) on the bottom. I think her top molars are working their way out, too! And I will promise you that those little molars are SHARP! She didn't realize that when mommy stuck her finger in her mouth to feel if there were any teeth back there, mommy did not intend for her finger to be used as a chew toy.

She just keeps on making all of us laugh. Her vocabulary is growing and she's been putting words together to make two- and three-word phrases! I think my favorite one is: "Paw-Paw. Sugar. Funny!" When my dad kisses her, he shakes his cheeks and makes this really silly sound. Buttercup just loves it!!

Both of the kids had school this week. X-man did great on his first day of school. Thankfully he'd been to mother's day out so this really wasn't anything new for him. His teacher said she was glad that he was ok with being there as there were a few kids that were not happy about being apart from their parents.

I've got another 30 minutes or so before X-man wakes up (most likely he will be crying/screaming for me to tell daddy to come back home...he wakes up and immediately remembers that daddy is at work and he starts to fuss about it...I understand your pain, little man, but daddy's job is to go to work!). I'll be hanging out on Facebook or reading my parenting/crafting/stamping blogs!!

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