Monday, December 12, 2005

Holy Cow! 30!

No, I didn't just realize how old I am.

The Little Pebble turned 30 weeks yesterday! Now, there's a scary thought. This baby is coming in about 10 weeks! 10 weeks doesn't sound like so long, does it? Where the heck is our crib? Oh yeah, we ordered it and the guy said it would be 2-12 weeks. When was that? 3 weeks ago?

I am so excited about meeting this baby and I know that after Christmas/New Year's, the time is just going to fly by until...whee...we're sliding into February!

I went to a shower yesterday for a friend that's due on February 3rd. She's having a girl and got some adorable girly outfits. She got some necessities, too, but several precious little girl dresses and such. For a split second, I was thinking that we should have found out the sex of our baby. Then that thought went away. I love surprises!

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Mama C-ta said...

Oooh, time should really fly now! I personally like to pick out J's clothes myself so not knowing gender you'll get some good basics but then you can pick out the fun stuff!