Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hospital Bag Progress

Four and a half weeks to go until my due date. That doesn't sound like long at all! I still remember when I was four and a half weeks pregnant!!

I printed out the hospital pre-admit form and I need to get that filled out and mailed in. And me, being the type that likes to fill out forms and surveys and things, would really prefer to type this information into the form. Sure, I have access to a typewriter here at work, but I'd rather just use the computer and modern technology. I went to the hospital website and found a PDF, but it's just a scan of the form and not editable! Argh! We'll see what I can come up with.

Now, for preparing my hospital bag, here's what I have so far:

Back massage thingy
Warm jacket for baby
two onesies and a gown and hat
socks for me and for baby
paperwork for hospital (the birth certificate request form and the pre-surgery form)
lip balm
Breast Pads

I need to get my travel toiletry bag up to snuff and just put that in there. I'll need a pair of pajamas for me (which are currently in the laundry) and an outfit for me to wear home (which is also in the laundry). I'll put a few other things in there like some quarters and maybe some snacks for me and TC, but I think that will just about cover it.

Oh, and of course the camera...

And the call list...

And my insurance card...


^starshine said...

How fun...getting ready!!

Here are a few suggestions...

slippers: shuffling across those cold hospital floors are not fun. Plus, take a pair you are not total invested cause more than likely you will mess them up with blood. (yuk I know but welcome to the world of postpartum fluid.)

Did you have robe on there? I really liked having a robe I could put on when I went to the nourishment room in the middle of the night for some juice or ice.

Toilet Paper: Yes, they have tp in the hospital but I like the feeling of my own tp touching my just birthed a baby hiney. Call it a touch of comfort from home!

Make sure TC has a comfy pair of jammies or sweats packed in there too. (and a tooth brush!) :)

Oh, and make sure you have our phone number in there too!

Carissa said...

Make sure you have extra socks for yourself. First time I stood up after the birth I pretty much ruined a pair of mine with afterflow. (ICK)

Take an old tube sock and fill it with rice then tie/sew closed the end. If you want, get a little lavendar essential oil to sprinkle on it. You can nuke this in a microwave at the hospital and use it as a heat pack on your belly or back in labor and it's GREAT. (Some hospitals will prefer you stick it in a ziplock bag to nuke it, so bring one of those too.)

Notebook and pen - you may find there are some things you want to write down about labor progress or about aftercare instructions.

Bring your own box of Kleenex - the hospital ones will probably be cheap and rough.

And extra batteries for that camera!

And your birth plan signed by your caregiver - good to have an extra one with you even if one is already in your file.