Monday, January 09, 2006

How embarrasing!

**Computer stuff follows**
**I'll try not to be too boring or computer-y**

I am the administrator for a message board that I keep up for my college social club (we couldn't have sororities or we made up our own). Well, I use a fairly popular message board program and now, the spam bots have been after it.

They have found a way to program automatic registrations to these boards. And the bad thing is that they put very inappropriate links in their signatures, profiles, etc. Who knew anyone might be interested in P*kem*n P*rn? Yuckola!

Anyway, the board is set up so that I have to approve everyone who signs up. Good...except the board also sends out an email to the registrant saying that they have registered, but they'll have to wait to be approved. And, you guessed it, they use fake email address. All of those emails get bounced back to the server that sent the original message. That server happens to be the college's computer science server (that hosts the board for me...helps to be married to one of their favorite comp. sci. majors...and that I was a comp. sci. minor...enough about that...).

So, the guy that keeps watch over the server emailed me this weekend to say that he disabled my board and I needed to find a way to keep this from happening. He was getting alot of bouncebacks and they had really nasty links in them. Nice.

Only problem is that he disabled the board, so I couldn't get to it! Stress! TC then takes over and he went into the server and was able to enable the board again. He's so smart! I did finally find a way to thwart the spambots.

Now, if I could just get people fired up about using the board, all would be well...


Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Glad you and TC were able to figure out the board! Hopefully it will start hopping soon--I miss all you girls and would love to keep in touch better, if only I can remember to start checking it!

Betsy said...

Ooops! I lost the link to the board. Can you email to me?