Thursday, April 27, 2006

Over my head?

Ok, I think I might have overdone it for our little outing today.

The annual downtown Arts Festival started on Tuesday and I've been for the last 6 years...5 of which I worked right across the street and went over there practically every day for lunch. Well, Mr. X-man wasn't going to stop me from going.

I called a friend and she said she'd meet me there. She has a little girl that's about two months older than X-man. She called me just as I was getting to the festival (at 11:00 am) and was running behind...really behind. Not a biggie. I love to people watch and could do that until she got there. Well, at noon she called and I gave her directions to a parking lot. Thirty minutes later, she showed up at our meeting place. She ended up getting stuck in a parking lot where the only out place was the in place...and the cars in the back were waiting on the front cars to get out...the front cars needed the back cars to back out in order for everyone to get out.

Whew...she made it to the festival.

I was already worn out.

Let me tell you, it's hard work to push a stroller, watch where you're going and watch where everyone else is going! The stroller got run over a few times, thankfully never tipped over.

We went and got some lunch and I had my usual Orient Express sesame chicken. Yum yum!

X-man got hunger and I was prepared. I had a bottle in the diaper bag and a little hat to put on his head so he wouldn't get sunburned as I was feeding him. Well, the milk was cold and he basically turned his nose up at it.

My friend went to the drink tent to get a cup of hot water and they said they could microwave the bottle for us. Nope...we just wanted hot water. All they had was coffee. So, she got a half a cup of coffee and we heated up the bottle in the coffee. Practical advice for everyday, right?!?

Anyway, he was not really liking the bottle from me, so I had my friend feed him and he liked it a bit better. He only ate an ounce, but went right to sleep afterwards. By the way, he ate like a champ when we got home.

After being at the festival for 3 1/2 hours, we were on our way home. I put the stroller in the trunk and that's when I noticed it...

Bird poop on the sun shield! Some bird tried to poop on my baby! Nothing a little baby wipe can't clean up.

I'm ready for a nap now....


^starshine said...

That just makes me tired reading that. You deserve snaps for waiting that long.

Hubby and I took Goober Baby to the Arts Festival here last weekend. Luckily everything is inside so no bird poop.

Carissa said...

"Anyone want a little milk in their coffee?" LOL!

All that effort for a bottle? Is he only drinking expressed milk now or is he still nursing too? I'd have been WAAaaayyyy too lazy to do all that when there was "fresh from the tap" milk available! LOL!