Thursday, May 11, 2006

Three Months

Punkin Poo, Sweet Pea, Tooter (you can probably figure that one out yourself), Sweet Baby, Big Boy, Little Man

These are all my little nicknames for you. And I'm sure I'll be giving you more as you grow up and we get to know your little personality better.

I can't believe you've been with us for three months already. Do you have any idea how much you have completely changed our lives? I didn't really have any idea that I could spend all day just looking at your sweet face or that I would be so nonchalant about spit up on my shirt.

You are really good with the smiles now. They make your whole face light up. That little toothless, wide-mouthed grin just melts my heart. You grin when we play with you, you grin when one of us comes back in the room, you grin when we play the eye-winker game*. You especially like the mouth-eater part where we trace your mouth with our finger. You have some really cute breathy giggles and sometimes you can actually vocalize the giggles. It just makes me giggle back.

Speaking of giggling, you like it when the "kissy monster" gets after you. I kiss you all over your face, chin and neck and you just grin, grin, grin. Sometimes, I even think that you're kissing me back with that great big, wide open, drooly grin of yours. When I hand you over to daddy at times, I get you all over with sugars and daddy says he's saving you from the kissy monster. You don't seem to mind it so much, though. I want you to grow up eventually, but I don't want you to ever pull away from the kissy monster. Guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

You coo and it's just adorable. You talk alot and have figured out how to make lots of noises. Sometimes you add little squeals to your crying. That's how I know that you're really just talking and not being upset. You like to cough, too. At first, that was a sure sign that you were hungry. Now, you'll cough and then grin at me. You think that's funny.

You're getting much better control of your hands. You can get them to your mouth with 99% accuracy. Occasionally you'll smack yourself in your head, but mostly, they go right in your mouth. And boy do you make the smacky noises! You have also discovered your feet. You don't grab for them, but you sure do stare at them intently.

You're still sleeping pretty well at night. We put you to bed in your bassinet around 9:30 or 10:00 and you will sleep until 4:30 or 5. Of course, then, you want some food...NOW!!! You are quite the impatient one for that first nursing of the day. I can't whip them out fast enough for you. But as soon as you've gotten what you wanted, you calm right down. Naps are another situation all together. I can't figure out a real schedule. You also don't like naps anywhere else but in my arms. I do try to put you either on the floor, in the bouncy seat or in the swing. Somestimes you'll nap for 10-15 minutes there. Naps in the bassinet are a no-go. Why is that? However, I'd rather you sleep through the night than have a predictable nap schedule.

Rolling over? Not yet, but you can get on your side pretty well. You do that alot at the changing table. I try to play with you on your tummy for as long as you can stand it...which isn't very long.

You do keep your head up really well! The only time you have a little bobble head is right after you've eaten. You've still got the drunk baby look. And you just melt my heart when you fall asleep on my shoulder when I'm burping you. You look so peaceful with your little cheek squished against my shoulder and I can feel your warm breath on my neck. Ahhhh...

Your hair is getting long and it's getting lighter. You've got the little bald spot in the back of your head, but other than that, you've still got quite a bit of hair. And the little cowlick in the back of your head is just precious.

You've outgrown all of your newborn stuff and can comfortably wear many 6-9 month outfits. I'm guessing that you'll be taller than me by your first birthday!

You are a very smart baby that has figured out several "constants." You know that you always get two courses at each meal. You know when we're headed to change your diaper. You know the order of the eye-winker game and will frown at me if I do it out of order.

Your daddy and I are so blessed that you came to live with us. We both love you to pieces. I hope that you are happy and I can't wait to learn more about you!

*The Eye-Winker game is something I learned from daddy. I don't think his parents made it up, but I'm guessing someone in that family did. Here's how it goes:
Eye Winker (trace one eyebrow)
Tom Tinker (you're supposed to tap the forehead but you like the eye thing so much we trace the other eyebrow)
Nose Smeller (rub on your nose)
Mouth Eater (trace around your mouth...and we draw this one out since you enjoy that part so much)
Chin Chomper (pinch your little chin)
Gully, Gully, Gully! (tickle your neck!)

I wonder if I can get the video up here?


Amanda said...

Happy 3 months! It was great to see you at lunch the other day. You're getting so big! Eli says hello.

Jessica said...

Can you help me? I really screwed up my blog...take a look! I put in an extra link, but didnt like it, so deleted it...and somehow screwed up my whole blog. Do you think you could view my source code and help me figure out what is wrong...I have been looking it over and over and can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!! :)

^starshine said...

Awe! How sweet! And that "Eye Winker" game is too cute!

eyeball_715 said...

my mom used to play the 'eye winker' game with me! how cool!!! i thought it was just some crazy game that she made up!


Jessica said...

Thanks for taking a look at my blog. Glad I figured the problem out! :) I just got the bella band yesterday and am using it for the first time today. Seems like it will do the trick. I only wear jeans to work (I work at Microsoft...very casual here) this will help a lot.

Can't believe X is already 3 months old...time just flies right on by! He sure is a cutie! :)

Amy said...

The kissy monster sounds awfully fun! I will have to try that one.

Can you believe he's 3 months old already? The time is just flying by!