Thursday, May 04, 2006


I'm here at home with the sleeping X-man while my husband has just picked up my sister from the airport. They don't have Taco Bueno where she lives and she needs dinner, so they're going to stop by the Bueno on their way back here.

Did you know that I grew up in the town where Taco Bueno started? Cool!

Anyway, she's here and so is her luggage...which is quite different from her last visit. She also has some delicious chocolates from Ethel M's. That was all I wanted her to bring back from her last trip to Vegas. So, she's got a box of lemon cremes for me and a box of cherry cordials for TC. He doesn't know he's transporting those lovely goodies. TC isn't a huge fan of chocolate (or sweets for that matter), but he sure does love chocolate covered cherries!

My family plans out vacations around food, so my sis already knows all the places she will be eating this weekend. Tomorrow, we'll go have some tasty barbeque and then an afternoon treat of a Braum's milkshake. Tomorrow night I'm cooking. Saturday we're going to our favorite sushi place for lunch and then to a crab house for dinner. Sunday lunch is my cooking again. Oh, and TC will probably stop at the shaved ice place once or twice in there, too.

She's never met X-man, so she's super excited about that. And she's going to be called Aunt Chickie. I know...a little goofy...but that's what we call each other (chickie; not aunt chickie). And she thinks "Aunt" with her first name sounds like some gutteral grunt. So, X-man gets to met his Aunt Chickie tomorrow...we are not waking him up tonight. I've been telling him that he's gonna love her! She's tall like daddy and has crazy curly hair. Oh, and they sleep the same way. They both flail all body parts like crazy when they are woken up. Man, don't get close to my sis when you wake her up. It's smarter to just use a broom handle or something. Otherwise, she'll clock ya! X-man's perfecting his "clocking" technique but I don't have any bruises...yet.

So, I'm hoping they'll get here soon, but I'm ready for a fun weekend with my sis!!


^starshine said...

I so hope you guys are having a blast! I've been wondering when she would get there. I just know her and Xman are going to love each other!

Hope the weekend never ends! :)

Mrs. Belle said...

Hope y'all have a nice visit!