Thursday, June 08, 2006

Giggle Monster

I think X-man is really starting to giggle! It started on Tuesday. We were playing and his face lit up with this adorable smile and he made a little giggle noise that ended in a cute little squeak. He's been making some noises that sounded like giggling, but this one sounded even more so! When he did that, of course I grinned and laughed. That made him giggle even more. It was just a vicious cycle. We were both looking at each other giggling.

He didn't giggle too much yesterday, but TC took the day off so I could go to a luncheon and I got some other things done around the house.

I'm hoping I can get X-man to refine his giggle skills today!

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Amanda said...

Giggling is the greatest! I can't get enough. Especially as they get older and the giggling increases. I think we strive to get Eli to giggle as much as possible.