Thursday, June 08, 2006

Operation: Own Bed

X-man has been doing a wonderful job of sleeping in his own bed and mamma seems to be doing well with it, also.

Monday night (Tuesday morning?) he scared the wits out of me by screaming at 2:30 am. He had worked his arms out of the swaddling blanket and was really upset. I fed him and he went right back to sleep. He grunted around a little at 4:00 am, but didn't wake up...that I could tell from the monitor. He finally woke up at 7:00 am which is a little later than usual...and the goober had worked his arms out of the bottom of the swaddling blanket so the blanket was all around his neck and chest. It was really choking risk. I'm sure the sleeping until 7 has something to do with the fact that he wasn't in our room while we were up getting ready for the day.

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, he slept until 3:30 am and then again until 7:00. He stayed swaddled much better because I didn't try to get him all wrapped up in the crib. I, uh, used the floor. I keep forgetting that I can just go to the bed in the next room.

Last night he slept until 4:00 am. That is more consistant with his regular sleep schedule. And, he's still asleep. I'm currently waiting on my cinnamon toast to cook and I'm hoping I can get breakfast before he wakes up.

We took down the pack-n-play yesterday. It has a bassinet feature and X-man has been sleeping in that in our bedroom. We've also been using the changing table on the pack-n-play. All of that got packed up and moved out of our room. Our bedroom is huge! I didn't realize how much room that crib took up!

So, he's doing just fine in his own bed and putting him to bed around 8:30 pm is working out well, too. He's such a cutie!


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