Friday, June 09, 2006

Nap Badge

Is there some kind of badge new moms get for getting their young'ens to nap in their own crib? Because I feel like quite the accomplished momma right now.

For one week now I've been very diligent about putting X-man in his crib whenever he showed signs of tiredness during the day. Before that, naps were taken in my lap. While that's nice and I could just watch him sleep all day, it doesn't give me much time for laundry, eating or blog-reading.

He's doing very well with the napping. Some naps are only 15 minutes but occassionally he'll get a 45 minute one in. And he still falls asleep in my lap when his nap isn't very long.

Now, if he'll just give me long enough to read through my blogroll...

1 comment:

Mrs. Flinger said...

YES. You do get a badge. Hardest thing in the world. Heck, anyone who survives the first three months gets a freakin' award. :-)