Sunday, March 11, 2007

13 Months

My dear, sweet boy,

You are getting so big and I can't really call you a baby anymore.

You are really getting good at pointing. And when you point at something you want, it's usually accompanied by, "Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh." Daddy and I try to get you to say what you want, but you'll have none of that.

Speaking of speaking, you really don't have any words yet. You can say mamma and dada, but usually it's mamammamama and dadadadada. You do say "nyum, nyum, nyum" when I put you in your highchair and you're ready to eat. It's just adorable! We think you've said "Hi" and I'm sure I heard you say "banana" a few months ago, but you are just moving at your own pace. And that pace doesn't include words yet. Just your little X-manderin language.

You've been going to Children's Day Out for a month now and the ladies in the nursery say that you have really become more outgoing. That's good because that's part of why I wanted you to go. Now, I enjoy having a free few hours, but I really do miss you while you're gone. You are playing with the other kids so well and in fact, once you even managed to go out the gate for the baby room and you crawled right on over to the toddler wanted to play with the big kids! Once since you've been going they've taken you and the other babies to music time that our friend Ms. Misty does on Wednesdays. They said you really enjoyed it! But of course you would enjoy music! I sing to you all the time and there's always some kind of music going on.

You are quite the picky eater and I'm working really hard at remembering that you're not going to starve yourself. You'll eat when you're hungry. Vegetables are something that I just can't get you to eat. Oh, you'll eat the occasional pea off my plate, but nothing substantial. I even spiked your pancake mix the other day with a jar of carrots and peas. Aside from giving your pancakes a light orange hue, there really was no added flavor to them. And you gobbled them up! I'll be doing that again for sure. Now I just have to figure out a few more ways to hide some veggies in your meals and we'll be good.

We're still waiting on teeth but I'm thinking that your little grin is just too cute without teeth!

And who's the flirt? Boy, when someone comes over to you and says hi, you get this big grin on your face, you look straight at them and tuck your chin down into your chest. I'm afraid that you're a cutie pie and you know it!

I can't wait to see what this next month will bring. You might be walking soon. You've certainly tried. And it seems like you can stand longer and longer (we're talking fractions of a second here) when you let go of something. You're pretty mobile now, but you are going to love it when you can get up on your feet and run!

Daddy and I love you so much and we don't know what we did with ourselves before you came.



Amanda said...

happy 13 months! i love the new banner!

stefanie said...

Absolute sweetness!