Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Of course...

Why is it that the only time there's something I'm interested in on PBS, it's during Pledge Time? I understand fundraising, it's what I did before I became a mamma, but I don't like that they break into the end of "Islands in the Stream" to tell me how I can get the CD, DVD or some other incentives.

I love Kenny Rogers (but not his new face and not as much as I love Garth Brooks). I remember when I was a in high school and Planet Texas came out. My family happened to be at some friends' house when the video was going to be shown on TV (at least that's what I think happened. My memory actually tells me that we went over to their house to watch the video). We all stopped our conversation to watch the video. I loved it!! Oh, did I mention that I grew up in Texas? That probably had something to do with it.

I even did an English project using the song. We were studying Poetry and the fact that songs were just sung poems. I remember neatly printing the lyrics on a piece of posterboard and then decorating the empty space with an poorly drawn Texas and lots of glittery stars!

And did you know that Kenny has a MySpace page? He's got more than 17,000 "friends."

And I thought I was a dork.


^starshine said...

Kenny is one of Hubby's favorite artists! He even got to go to one of his concerts as a kid with his Grandma!

Stubbed My Toe said...

I hear his chicken is pretty good too.