Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Best Bake Sale Item!

The Children's Day Out Program that X-man is in is having their annual bake sale in two weeks. I saw the sign up sheet this morning as I took X-man in and they put another flyer in his diaper bag when I picked him up.

All kinds of delicious thoughts are going through my head. Then I realize I really want to package it nicely and neatly.

So now I've got it all backwards. I've got an idea for a little box to stamp and even how to decorate it for the bake sale. But now I need ideas for what to bake!

What delicious things do you bake for bake sales?

My fall back is going to be these chocolate chip wonders over on Anne's blog.


scribbit said...

Snicker cookies. They get rave reviews every time. I've got the recipe posted here:

And love the new banner too--

Morag said...

Rice Crispy treats drizzled with chocolate, or the molasses spice cookies from the Best Recipe cookbook. SO good.

^starshine said...

Those cookies (Anne's cookies) cook up wonderfully!! I vote for those!

one hot 'sista said...

The new Food mag. has a yummy looking lemon sandwich cookie. And if you make a batch, send some to me to tast test!!!