Thursday, April 26, 2007

What is with this kid?

Usually, X-man is a very happy child. Oh, he'll get cranky when we don't let him wander off too far from the living room or if we don't let him play with our remote control (G-Joy and Paw-Paw brought him one to play doesn't have any batteries and he can slobber on it all he wants...but I think he knows the difference between his and daddy's).

Yesterday he threw an all out fit! There was screaming (and choking) and head-throwing-back and back arching. And with all his acrobatics I had to put him on the floor. More back arching and feet kicking.

This caused him to scoot along the floor on his head and feet. Screaming all the while.

He pushed his sippy cup away. He didn't want to be held. He wanted to be held.

Finally TC thought to go get the teething gel. Our previous PTS was a false alarm. The white spot left a few days later. Now, however, I think I see a tooth on the top. Nothing's broken the surface and there is no split in the gums.

Anyway, we applied the mixed berry flavored miracle gel and X-man was happy as a lark.

Are the two related? Who knows.

We go next Tuesday for another ear recheck. Last week we went back, to the pediatrician's office to get his ears rechecked and not only was the infection not gone (or it had come back), but both tubes were plugged up. You know, those tubes can't work if they're constantly plugged! So, another round of antibiotics is over and we go to the Otologist (that's the big word for the ear doctor) on Tuesday.

I guess that his ears could still be bothering him. He was perfectly happy at CDO yesterday, so I'm not sure his ears are the problem. We'll see how today goes.


and rudeness said...

I hope his little ears clear up soon!

With Bubba, we went through a terrible year of ear infections and then I thought she was losing her hearing. We had round after round of tests... everything normal. I swear the MOMENT the doctor said, "Next ear infection she gets tubes"... something switched in her body cause she hasnt gotten another infection since.

Little booger.

Queen of things green said...

I hope you get those ears better soon.

I think you might be right about the teeth, however. MA has all of his teeth except his canines. He has been acting the same as X-man. When we put something on his teeth he imediately is happy as can be. I just wish he would get those teeth in already, so we can be done with the whole teething thing.

Jessica said...

Hope things get better with your little man!! I know Avery (my niece) has been throwing mini-tantrums lately and my sister has no clue why. So hard when they cannot tell you what is wrong!!