Wednesday, July 11, 2007

17 Months

Wow! X-man just gets funnier every day and I can't keep up with it all!

He loves to dance. We were watching TV and a commercial (or something, I can't remember) came on and Bon Jovi was singing. X-man stopped right there and started to dance. The knees bounced, the heiny was pushed back and the hands were held out in front of him like the perfect little conductor. It was so funny I nearly fell off the couch!

He loves to sing and every time we get out the book "Down by the Station" and sing the little song, X-man just squeaks along like he's singing, too. I'm sure in time he'll get a little better with the pitch! =)

He also likes songs that have hand movements.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: Making the spider with your fingers is a little complicated, so X-man just plays with his fingers during the spider part and when the sun comes out, his hands don't reach over his head to make a circle, so he just rests his hands on his head!

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes: His favorite part about this song is the toes. And when we sing it, he usually just heads for his toes.

If You're Happy and You Know it: Stomp your feet! The foot stomping is too cute and is his favorite...even above clapping! And sometimes he stomps with just one foot so he looks like a horse that's counting!

He loves to spin around in a circle and that really gives him the giggles.

TC has taught him some pretty funny "tricks." We have a book called "Mr. Brown can Moo." It's Dr. Seuss. There is one part of the book that says, "Mr. Brown can sound like a hand on a door. KNOCK KNOCK" and daddy taught X-man how to knocking on X-man's head! So now when we read that part, X-man makes a little fist and knocks the top of his head.

We also have a book (which happens to be the second book to go to the emergency room...with a torn spine. yeesh) about Benjamin's tool box. At the bottom of the tool box is a drill. I have read this book to X-man hundreds of times and never thought to make a drill sound. TC did and now X-man likes to make a drill...he'll make a little fist with his first finger sticking out and then with his arm stretched out in front of him, he'll wave it around and grunt. The first time he did it I thought he was making a dirty diaper! Nope, just his drill sound. He couldn't quite get the buzzing noise that daddy made so the grunting was the next best thing.

And this is something that he just picked up this week. Any of you that know TC and his family know that they all sneeze in multiples. They all usually sneeze about three times in a row each time they sneeze. So, on Monday, Cuz (that's TC's niece) sneezed and I said bless you. She immediately sneezed again and I said bless you again. I asked X-man to say bless you to Cuz and he threw his head down to his chest and made a sneeze noise. So, apparently that's how he says bless you now. It just cracks me up!

We seriously need to get some of this on the video camera!

X-man is very particular about his blankets after he wakes up. He likes his Pooh blanket draped over the long side of the crib and his crochet blanket draped over the short side. Usually he then wants to sit and play peek-a-boo with me through the blankets and slats in the crib. Sometimes we can play for 5 or 10 minutes before he's ready to get out of bed! Goofy!

Last night, daddy did something silly and then raised his arms up in the air and said, "Go daddy!" X-man caught on to this and started walking around with his arms up in the air (not quite over his head, but at a 45 degree angle) shouting "da da da da da da." I think TC was pretty proud!

We don't have any new least that we can understand. He sure does babble quite a bit, though, so I'm sure that once he gets those words out, it'll be non-stop.

Today is X-man's day at church for Children's Day Out so Cuz and I are going to see Harry Potter at the early show this morning. That should be fun! And then tonight we're all off to see the musical Evita. I hope X-man behaves for the babysitter tonight!


Jessica said...

So adorable!! X-man sure is growing up fast!! I can't believe it!

Amanda said...

It's so hard to keep up with all the cuteness, isn't it? You just want to remember every little thing they do. I can't wait to go see Harry Potter!!! How was it?