Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lost a week

Yesterday, according to my calculations, I was 9 weeks pregnant. After my OB appointment, I am 8 weeks along. Not a big difference, but I bet that at my ultrasound at 20 weeks we find out that I'm just a bit farther along.

It was great to see Dr. T and the nurses again. They are so fun! They were all excited that I'll be seeing them every month again. I guess my blood pressure was good; I forgot to ask her and she didn't say anything. My weight was 152 and at my annual last year it was 155 so that's good. Of course, at my first appointment when I was pregnant with X-man, I weighed 177. So this is good news all around.

Since I have such long cycles Dr. T went ahead and did a quick internal and determined that I was about 8 weeks along. So, that puts my due date at February 19th. That happens to be the same due date I had with X-man.

Hopefully this week will be a little more kind to me. Last week involved an offering to the porcelain god as well as several bouts of dry heaving. Let's not deal with that again, please?

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