Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Boogie Man Rules

When you were growing up, did you believe in the boogie man?

I did.

And did you have "rules" that would keep one safe from said boogie man?

I did.

I remember being in our house on Ivanhoe (I think we moved there shortly before I started high that right, sis?). I don't remember thinking about a boogie man before that but that was probably because my sister and I shared a room in our house before that. When we moved, we got separate rooms.

Anyway, here were my rules. Pretty simple actually.

The feet must be covered as well as all girly parts. This would ensure that the boogie man couldn't get you. I'm not sure what my reasoning here was, but as long as these parts were covered up, I felt safe.

Of course there was the occasional night when I'd sleep on my back with my arms out of the covers and straight out beside me. Then I'd flip my palms over so they were facing up so it would look like I was on my back. That way the boogie man (or the man outside my window with a gun) would pick the wrong side for my heart. I apparently have had anxiety issues for a long time.

So, last night TC and I were snuggling in bed and he said he was hot. I told him to hang a leg out of the sheets. I can't do it (refer to above boogie man rules) but it helps him. He did that and then said, "You know, now my feet are uncovered. And because you are touching me that means the boogie man can get both of us."

Thankfully when I created the rules I slept by myself in my own bed so the rules actually apply to only one person. I never had to worry about if I was touching someone and if I could be "gotten" simply because that person didn't follow the rules.

Otherwise that would have made for a very anxious night!


one hot 'sista said...

I think we moved when I was in MMS. But don't quote me on that. And I still follow the "Rules." Living alone means a few more have to be added for extra safety!! (See you didn't get all the crazy in the family!)

Scribbit said...

We had a childhood game called "Boogie Man" that was terribly exciting.

^starshine said...

This really did make me laugh out loud!! That is too funny!