Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Right-brain vs. Left-brain

A friend was telling me about this test and I happened upon it through my blog reading.

When I first looked at it, the girl is clearly going counter-clockwise. Ok, I don't mind being left-brained and logical. Makes sense... And I tried to "make" her go clockwise, but that wasn't working.

Then I looked away from the screen and *POOF* she started going clockwise. Sheesh! And I couldn't see how in the world I thought she was going counter-clockwise before. And people that see her going clockwise are right-brained and creative. Well, that's also me.

And then each time I looked away from the screen, she started going the other direction.

What the heck-a-doodles does that mean?

I think that means I'm nuts. And that's been clinically proven, folks!


one cold 'sista said...

Either that or you had very interesting brownies to eat just before doing this!

Anonymous said...

ASH is also nuts and saw the dancer moving in both directions. Weird...and now I have a headache. :)

Amanda said...

that's freaky. first she was going clockwise, i looked away, and she was going the opposite direction, then clockwise again. i think the test is just trying to mess with our minds.

Becky said...

i coiuld only see her going clockwise. except for one time, and i had to concentrate way too hard. and i'm at work, the one place where i fight the urge to concentrate on anything really hard, so i had to stop.

SarahB said...

She's only going counter-clockwise for me and I can't make her go clockwise!

Katy said...

OMG....i got the total same thing when i did it!!! LOL I wondered if i was nuts or what? LOL

Had to say hello. found you from Monica's blog and thought it was neat...we have and X-man too...(our son's name starts with an X). Hope you have a great weekend! :)