Monday, March 31, 2008

Tornados and a Silver Lining

No, we did not get swept away by the tornado in our area last night. It went just to the west of us (but not by much) without touching down. I woke up at midnight to the lovely sounds of a hailstorm...which sounds really loud in our house since we don't have an attic. At at 1:30 am, TC woke me up saying, "That's the tornado siren. We should get the kids and go to the bathroom." Man, I popped out of bed like nobody's business! And thankfully, before I woke up X-man, we realized that we weren't in any danger as the storm was already north of us (though we do have some friends that live in the neighborhood it was bearing down on). It took me probably 30 minutes to get calm enough to go to sleep. I have never liked being woken up by tornado sirens!

As for the silver lining, I'm getting it in my hair! Oh, well. I saw a stray gray hair yesterday only because it was sticking straight up and looked so different in texture from the rest of my hair. I pulled it out. But not because I don't want to go gray. I pulled it out because it was sticking straight up on the top of my head and I couldn't get it to go down!

I found another gray hair this morning and it was two inches or so long, so there have to be some buddies around. And I'm really hoping that my hair grays like my mom''s so pretty and looks like the kind of frosted hair that people pay good money to get done! And I'm not a big fan of coloring my hair, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens with my "silver lining."


Now off to make a grocery list before the kiddos wake up (I'm still in shock that it's almost 7 am and X-man's asleep!).

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One Cold 'Sista (formerly One Hot 'Sista) said...

Wait -- So you're telling me I have 2 more years left until I get the grays? Not that it's that much of a problem, but I just figured out how to work with the hair I have and now it's going to change?!?!! Oh boy...