Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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Fair warning...

We have been very gentle with starting to potty train X-man. We didn't want to do it right before Buttercup was born and the pediatrician said that we could even wait until he was 3 if we wanted to. But, X-man tells me when his diaper's dirty so I think that's some indication of interest. And the other day he had a solid enough dirty diaper that I could dump it in the potty. He loved that...mostly because he got to flush. But at least he saw that this stuff does go in the potty.

On Monday, he hadn't made his dirty diaper at the usual time (right after breakfast when I'm nursing Buttercup), so I asked him if he wanted to try sitting on the potty to "make a dirty." I didn't call it that because I'm opposed to saying poop, but for some reason, I've never called it that around X-man so I didn't think he'd know what I meant! Anyway, big boy sat on the potty and pushed and grunted just like you're supposed to in that situation. But nothing happened. He actually asked to do it again twice more that day...still nothing. No biggie. And despite me telling him to tell me if he needed to make a dirty diaper so I could take him to the potty, he went ahead and used his diaper just like always.

Yesterday, by bathtime, he hadn't had a dirty diaper yet so I suggested to TC that X-man sit on the potty before bath just to see what would happen. So, X-man hopped up there and while he was waiting for something to happen, he peed in the potty! TC said he doesn't think X-man even realized what was happening until daddy made a very hearty "way to go" comment and then the high fiving commenced. Now, if I would have been in there the neighbors probably would have heard my excitement. Probably better that daddy, the more calm one, was in there!

So, we'll see how this goes. I guess I need to go buy some pull ups.

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