Monday, May 19, 2008

Hodge Podge

Since the last time I posted:

* X-man has peed in the potty exactly one more time. But he loves his "big boie unna-wear". I guess I jumped the gun into the pull ups. Oh well. At least this gets me "trained" to ask him very regularly about going to the potty. The usual answer, though, is "no".

* Buttercup got tubes in her ears and she's doing great. Right after getting the tubes she was just inconsolable (which is understandable) but she's back to being Miss Grinny!

* I got my mole removed and the place is still sore. X-man noticed the band-aid right away when I got home from the dermatologist. And this morning I picked him up when he came into the living room and he immediately started "picking" on the place where my mole was. I didn't realize it was such a habit for him! Now, he says, "No mo mole. Anudder mole. Lossa moles!" Master of the obvious, that one is!


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

My thoughts on potty training... V's progress has stalled totally the past few months. She'll sit and pee every time we put her on there, but shows no desire to be rid of diapers.

Something I just learned the other day that was a sort of "aha!" moment.. Don't ask if they need to go (they're too busy to be bothered), instead tell them it's time for a potty break in a matter-of-fact way. It seems to be working a little better around our house...

Good luck!

Lisa said...

I am glad that the procedure went well. Good luck with the potty training.

Teena said...

Happy blogoversary!