Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Three Months

My dear Buttercup,

You are getting so big and you're still so tiny! (I know, I'm pretty sure I said the same thing about your brother at this age) I know you're growing because you don't fit into your newborn outfits anymore.

And you have discovered your hands! I forgot how adorable this little discovery stage is. You really like to play on the floor (which I do a little more often while still keeping an eye on the stomp-monster) and I'll just watch you put your little hands together in front of your face. You'll get a little cross-eyed and just look at your hands. So cute!

Speaking of the stomp-monster, he accidentially stepped on your face the other day. Well, it was more of a light brush of his shoe across the side of your face. It didn't even discolor your skin, though you did scream pretty loudly when he did it. He looked at me with really concerned eyes and I said, very calmly, "We need to be careful. You just stepped on Buttercup. I know it was an accident and you didn't mean it."

We spent the next several hours having this conversation over and over again:

X-man: Step Buttercup
Me: Yes, you stepped on Buttercup
X-man: Assident
Me: Yes, it was an accident
X-man: shaking his head Mean it.
Me: That's right. You didn't mean it.

Buttercup, you have the most adorable giggle. It's squealy and squeaky and I love it! This giggle goes with your giant grin that just takes up your entire face. Your whole face lights up and you are just irresistable. Your smile is so big that you often lose your pacifier. X-man likes it when you smile and will point it out when you do.

Your favorite time to grin is when we're changing your diaper. I think that if you could potty train right now, you'd prefer it. If your diaper is even the tiniest bit dirty, you want it O-F-F!! And as soon as we put you down for a change, you gring and the grin gets even bigger when you see the clean diaper! You also really like to grin when I'm wrapping you up for the night. We're still using the Miracle Blanket and I'll put you on the blanket to get you all swaddled and you'll flash those shiny gums at me. I can't help but laugh!

We're just about to the end of this third antibiotic for your never-ending ear infection (and I'm ready because it's making for some terribly nasty diapers!). I really hope that we've beat it this time. But we'll be taking you to the otologist on Thursday just the same.

You're one a pretty good schedule and you sleep so well through the night. We put you to bed (and since Saturday night you've slept in your own crib in your room) at 10:30 pm and you don't make a peep until 5:30 am or so. In fact, the first two nights you slept in your crib, you didn't wake up to eat until 6:30!

You are definitely a mamma's girl (but everyone said that your brother is a mamma's boy) and I can get you calmed down when no one else can. Of course it could be that in those situations, by the time I get you, you are just so worn out from everyone else not doing it right that you just give up!

I can't wait to see you grow up, but at the same time, I'd love for you to stay little for a while.

Love you bunches!

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