Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kids say...

My hair was in dire need of a trim (more like cut since it was about two weeks overdue!) so I went this afternoon while the kids were napping. I left TC playing on our new Wii Fit that we found yesterday!! Woo hoo!!

Anyway, I came home and had to wash my hair so I wouldn't make a mess everywhere with all the little hairs.

One interjection: I am either going to have to stop watching Tabatha's Salon Takeover on Bravo or stop going to Supercuts for my haircut. After seeing Tabatha go thorough all these hair salons and tell them how to get things back in shape, the Supercuts just paled in comparison to the salons. But I get a really good cut for $15. Where else can I get that?

Back to the hair washing. After I washed my hair, the kids were still asleep (another woo hoo!) so I took a nap...and just went to sleep with wet hair.

When I woke up, X-man saw me and with this little, concerned face said, "Mommy, you hair looks crazy lookin'!" Daddy had just said this, so I knew he was repeating. Then he said, "You gonna brush it?" I told him that I wasn't...I didn't explain to him that brushing wouldn't help. It would still be crazy-lookin'. Then X-man said, while running off, "I go getta brush!" And off he went to get his hair comb. I laughed the whole time he combed my hair!


Lisa said...

Too cute! PICTURES!!

Dr. Sis said... nephew with his budding comedic talent!