Thursday, October 09, 2008

Please help me...

WARNING: Do not read this post if you have a weak stomach or are doing anything similar to eating!

Yesterday I woke up feeling a little queasy...and my back hurt...and my hair hurt (which is usually a tale-tell sign I'm sick). Thank goodness the kids went to CDO yesterday. I felt a little better after I dropped the kids off and went to run my errands.

One of which was a total "me time." I had an appointment with Mario at the local Sephora to help me find some makeup that would look good on me and to show me how to apply it. As I was walking up to Sephora, I noticed the store was dark and it was an hour past their opening time. No power. That meant no lights, no register, no nothing. No "me time" for me. I went to Penney's and got fitted for a bra now that the sisters are mine again.

I picked up the kids and both acted fine. Buttercup hadn't been eating much, but aside from lots of diapers, she wasn't acting sick. Yesterday afternoon, she had two diaper blowouts. Yuck!

This morning was a new day. I still felt pretty sick to my stomach, but the backache and hair pain had gone away. Buttercup blew through two diapers and one of those got on her bed sheets during her morning nap. I had apparently shared my crud with her. On-demand load of laundry #1.

Now lunch time. In the middle of lunch, X-man starts crying and says, "X-man not feel good." And then he says, "X-man tummy hurt." Great. Please don't throw up while we're having lunch. I'm having to choke down my lunch as it is. And since I'm really good at sharing, apparently I shared with him, too!

Buttercup blew through another diaper while in her highchair.

X-man took his nap and Buttercup took hers. Buttercup blew through yet another diaper and another bedsheet during her nap and X-man spent the afternoon wallowing on the floor. Lovely. That's what he did the last time he got sick. On-demand load of laundry #2.

TC came home (how has he missed all this mess?) and I wanted a hamburger (my go-to meal when I don't feel well). He took X-man with him, which I thought might be a bad idea considering the situation.

Sure enough, I heard the garage door open and TC said, "Clean up on aisle 2!" We undressed X-man in the least he didn't throw up on his boots!...and while TC got dinner ready for those of us that were going to eat, I took out the car seat and started to take the washable parts off.

I don't like cold burgers, so I left the car seat and ate. X-man watched Nemo on the couch and Buttercup cried through us eating. I bathed her and gave her her night bottle (it's 7pm at this point). She was done and I burped her. Nothing. That's good. Then it came. She needed a change of clothes and so did I.

Put her to bed and off I was to completely dismantle the car seat. I hope I can get it put back together! On-demand load of laundry #3.

I am worn out...


Plant Girl said...

Days like that suck. I hope that tomorrow is much better.

And goodluck getting that carseat back together!

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Aww.. Yuck. I think having a sick toddler is worse than a sick infant - they know something is wrong but still can't understand why or what to do about it. :(

So sorry, hopefully it's a quick bug and that it's on its way out. And hope TC steered clear.

Lisa said...

Oh no!! I hope you are all well soon!!

^starshine said...

Days like this are how you earn your mothering stripes. I just wished we earned combat pay for it! LOL!!

Nothing, I mean nothing, is worse than feeling like crap and having your kids be sick too.

Sending you virtual chicken soup for all!!

MommyLuv said...

I am so sorry...stomach bugs are the worst. But on a better note - I love the purse you made. Can you make me two???

MJS said...

Oh, honey, I'm sure you are so glad that day is over!