Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just going...

This have been crazy around here (and that really just means it's been normal). Since Buttercup's gotten her walk on, that's pretty much all she wants to do. Well, that and eat...

She will pull herself up to standing anywhere and then just head off in the general direction of something to hold on to. And watch out if X-man wants to get in on the action. He likes our newest "game." It consists of TC and me sitting a good distance apart in the craft room or the living room. Buttercup will walk toward me and X-man will either walk next to her, behind her or in the totally opposite direction. Both kids get praise for getting to their destination and both will giggle uncontrollably! The funny part is when Buttercup is walking and X-man will pass her going the other direction...she is totally watching him and loses her balance and concentration. Bump - on the floor. She will look at you with that pitiful face of hers (where in the world did she learn how to get such a pout?) and just cry! We have to remind her to just stand up! At that point she'll crawl to someone (not necessarily the nearest one) and pull up and then start it all over again.

She's been quite talkative lately, though we can't always understand what she's saying. We can sometimes pick out when she's saying her brother's name. And she loves pointing to people in pictures. We have a wall of pictures on the way to all the bedrooms and she loves to point to everyone. In our kitchen, we have two family pictures...one with us and my mom, dad and sis and one with us and TC's mom, dad, sis and niece. (Target portrait studios are really good and really affordable! Just get a coupon from their site first) Buttercup can identify my mom and X-man but the rest of the people she'll just point to. It's really cute!

She seems to be doing fine with the tubes. It was no big deal getting them last Friday. Since I'd already been through it twice before, I knew what to expect. When the nurse brought her out after the tubes were in, Buttercup was at the ending stage of a crying fit...you know...where there's a big sniffle and then several little breathy sniffles. Poor girl just couldn't get back to her happy pants. It took at least an hour when we got back home for her to finally start laughing again. And it's been all sunshine and roses since then! (and I'm not kidding...our kids have been incredible for the last few days!)

X-man cracks me up everyday. Yesterday he was looking for his flashlight (not this one...it's still MIA) and he asked me to help him. So I walked over to the toy area (it has broken the bounds of the 2 toy tubs) and started looking. X-man stood in the middle of the living room and said, "Flashlight? Where are you? FLASHLIGHT!!" I doubled over laughing. We finally did find that particular flashlight in Buttercup's room.

And X-man loves to make up songs either to his own tune or a tune of another song he knows. You just never know what phrase he will use to make a song. Sunday at lunch it was, "Jesus is good. He is going to sit with me." I can't wait to see what the song of the day is today!

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